Hi, so much has happened around me in the last six months and it seems a good time to blog again. Why do I feel this way …? I’ll blog about that in the next few days. For now… I am back!

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After a few prototypes (paper and online) and issues on the 'look and feel' of the site, my Client finally approves the website.

Client Gives Approval

Website for Women AT THE Well (watthew) goes 'live'

Take a look at the approved Watthew website

Since the inception of my project, My client had told me of her plans to relocate to the US from The Gambia. The relocation process finally took place but it greatly disturbed our communication and her ability to concentrate on write-ups for the website.

She wrote describing her current situation (9/04/06).

Client Relocates

The Stress of Relocation: My Client's ill health further delays content delivery date.

Stree of Relocation

On the 17th of March, my client called off the e-commerce feature of the website. She apparently had done some investigation and concluded they "won't be ready to handle such" for now.

Client calls off ecommerce feature

"Fear epitomizes human viewpoint and obstruct problem solving. Since fear is a component of the emotional complex of sin, it negates thinking, applying doctrine or any ability to function in a crisis" – Thieme, R. B., Jr. 

"Fear does not change the mistakes of yesterday, nor does it solve the problems of tomorrow, it rather steals from you the strength to live for today" – Anonymous

After explaining to my client the reasons why she should choose my second design which has a more professional look, I was asked to produce a prototype. I went ahead to build the homepage of the proposed website and hosted it on my private web space. I gave my client the URL and asked them to look at it and give their final approval before I build the other web pages. The design was disapproved in very strong terms.
Click image below to see Clients mail.

Client Disapproves of Design

After a lot of brainstorming and emails, we finally agree on a suitable name for my Client’s website.
Click image to see my client’s email.

A Domain Name is Chosen